Monday, July 03, 2006

Strange but True by Florencia R.

Kendra and I felt so lucky when the new store opened in our neighbourhood.
We wanted to work there because we were so excited because the clothes and the shoes were wonderful!
We got the job and started to work that day.

At first it was excellent! The people bought a lot of things and the owner of the store was very charming. However,on the second week,Kendra and I realised that Mr.Fame,the ownwer of the store,had a very strange behavior and we wanted to know the reasons...

One day like anyone else,Kendra and I stayed after work to see what Mr. Fame did when we "left home".And we were horrified when Mr.Fame converted in a wolfman! and suddenly we screamed so loudly that all the neighbourhood went to the store to see what had happened! But Mr.Fame had taken the human figure again..and nobody believed us!

A few weeks later,we repeated that,but this time we got a camera and a video-camera,so that everybody believed us but we didn't realise that Mr.Fame was watching us when we arrived the store and he explained to us that he converted in a wolfman every full moon and he didn't know why!

At last, Kendra and I continued working there for three years..and by that time everything became normal,except for one thing....Mr.Fame disappeared one full moon night and nobody saw him again,and Kendra and I became the owners of the store.


At 6:19 PM, Blogger Gonzalo said...

Hello Florencia!
I think that your story is very original.
This are my questions:
1)Where the store was?
2)How was the store?
3)How was Mr. Fame before becoming a wolfman?
Thank you.I really enjoy your version.

At 12:27 PM, Blogger BruuNn- said...

where was the store?
How did the get the job in the store?
Did they watch when Mr.Fame became a wolfman?


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