Monday, July 17, 2006

Strange but True by Bruno

Lulù and I went to the attraction park last week

At first everything was normal. However, on the second day, we went to a new attraction that went opened in the park. Suddenly, the attraction started to freak out and it (goes) out of control.

A few minutes later we went out of the game and we decided to come back in the afternoon.
When we came back, the attraction was closed 'cause a huge monster had appeared in the middle of the park.

Then we went to a fast food restaurant and we ate the first thing we could. When we were finishing, the monster irrupted in the place and everybody went out running and screaming.

We were so scared that we went to the bus station and we took the first bus that we could. I still remember those days and I still freak.

The End.

Strange but True by Maira F

One day Mary went to her sister's house,but the car broke down.
She was walking for a long time,she was searching a person who helped
her,but she didn't find anybody.
Then,she saw a woman who looked like a spirit and she was very
She didn't move,she didn't talk,she was paralyze.
Suddenly,she saw other spirits and she started to run very fast.
Before she run by the streets,she found her car and she felt
sat on the car and the car root out.She went to her sister's house and
told her about the event.When she finished she saw that her sister looked
like a

Monday, July 10, 2006

Strange but True by Rodrigo

It was 06/06/06, a sunny spring day. Laura and I were having a picnic in her parent's countryhouse.
We were spending a spectacular day. However, in the afternoon, things started getting strange; the sky got dark, the sun hid behind the black clouds and a strong wind started to blow. At that time, we got frightened.
At night, while we were having dinner, electricity went off and all the house started to shake. Then, it started to rain and a thunder broke a big tree. In that moment, we remembered that it was 06/06/06, and we thought that the end of the world was coming. We decided to get to sleep and close our eyes until the whole disaster finished.
When we woke up the following morning, we realized that we were still alive, and that the world hadn't finished. Since that day; we decided to live our life like if there wasn't tomorrow.

By r0dri vaccarit0...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Strange but True by Sofía

My family and I were very happy when we traveled to San Bernardo in February on holidays.
My mother, my sister and I stayed on the beach. The day was very hot and all was perfect but the sea was strange because the waves were very big.
In the afternoon, when the sun was down, the people came back to their houses when a strong storm started, one ray fell in the middle of the sea and the ghost of an old pirate appeared.

Strange but True by Sofía

My family and I were very happy when we traveled to San Bernardo in February on holidays.
My mother, my sister and I stayed on the beach. The day was very hot and all was perfect but the sea was strange because the waves were very big.
In the afternoon, when the sun was down, the people came back to their houses when a strong storm started, one ray fell in the middle of the sea and the ghost of an old pirate appeared.

Strange but True by Sofía

My family and I were very happy when we traveled to San Bernardo in February on holidays.
My mother, my sister and I stayed on the beach. The day was very hot and all was perfect but the sea was strange because the waves were very big.
In the afternoon, when the sun was down, the people came back to their houses when a strong storm started, one ray fell in the middle of the sea and the ghost of an old pirate appeared.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Strange but True by Laila

My friend Peter had invited me to stay at his parent's village in the countryside. We would be alone in the house all the weekend.
When we arrived, we had dinner. Afterwards, we went to sleep. At three ò clock in the morning I woke up. I went downstairs to drink some water when I realized that Peter had forgotten to close the front door. I was just about to lock it, when I heard a shout from the kitchen. It came from Peter.
By the time I got to the room, Peter had disappeared. I ran to the garden and I saw my friend... he was hanging from a tree and his neck was red and hurt. I tried to save him, but it was too late... Peter had died.
When I turned back, I saw a very tall man running away...

I could never discover who that terrible man was...

The End


Monday, July 03, 2006

Strange but True by Florencia R.

Kendra and I felt so lucky when the new store opened in our neighbourhood.
We wanted to work there because we were so excited because the clothes and the shoes were wonderful!
We got the job and started to work that day.

At first it was excellent! The people bought a lot of things and the owner of the store was very charming. However,on the second week,Kendra and I realised that Mr.Fame,the ownwer of the store,had a very strange behavior and we wanted to know the reasons...

One day like anyone else,Kendra and I stayed after work to see what Mr. Fame did when we "left home".And we were horrified when Mr.Fame converted in a wolfman! and suddenly we screamed so loudly that all the neighbourhood went to the store to see what had happened! But Mr.Fame had taken the human figure again..and nobody believed us!

A few weeks later,we repeated that,but this time we got a camera and a video-camera,so that everybody believed us but we didn't realise that Mr.Fame was watching us when we arrived the store and he explained to us that he converted in a wolfman every full moon and he didn't know why!

At last, Kendra and I continued working there for three years..and by that time everything became normal,except for one thing....Mr.Fame disappeared one full moon night and nobody saw him again,and Kendra and I became the owners of the store.

Strange but True by Florencia M.

John and Mary were leaving for their honeymoon in Cordoba the day after
their wedding.
On the first day they were driving to Carlos Paz when the car broke
John went to a garage to service but he didn't know where he could go.
Finally, John called the service and he went to a garage to service .
Two hours later his car was fixed.

Strange but True by Maximiliano Lopez da Silva

That night I couldn’t sleep so I went out and I lied in the garden to watch the stars.

Everything was perfectly normal.I closed my eyes for a second and then when I looked up to the sky again,a blinding light suddenly appeared to me.I couldn’t believe it.

I ran into the house and called my parents to tell them what happened outside.They told me that I was tired and I probably fell asleep and dreamed it all.

I went to my bedroom and tried to sleep but I couldn’t because of what had happened. I guess there are things hard to explain.

Strange but True by Celeste

Last month, I, my hudsband and my two sons, moved to another house more
comfortable than the other.
That night when we moved to the house, we heard some strange noises.
Then, we saw through the window, which was the shadow of an old woman and we
immediatly went out.
Then, we told our neighbours what was happening.They told us that a
woman had been killed there and her spirit stayed in the house.
Finally, we decided to move to another house.

Strange but True by Cintia F.

Last summer, I and my best friend Mary won a trip to France.
We stayed in a big hotel which was situated in a nice place. We considered that it was a very luxurious hotel.
At first, it was okey. However, on the sixth day, one night that we returned later to the house, we saw the shadow of a man with a big hat on his head in the bedroom's wall.
Suddenly, it desappeared.
Despite our fright, we stayed there all night because we couldn't do anything.
The following day, we decided to leave the hotel so then we prepared our bags and came back home.

Strange but True by Juan Ignacio

My friend called John and I had been planning a trip for all the coutry for two years because both loved visiting new cities.

We began the expeced trip in the south of the country. Everything was good, but the night was falling and we had to stop to sleep in some hotel. We saw an old hotel open and we decided to enter.

When we entered a strange man received us, he e gave me the key of the room and we went to sleep. In the middle of the night, I began to hear rare sounds and I went out to investigate. Those sounds were from the garden. I was afraid but I decided to enter.

When I entered, it was a great surprise for me because there wasn't anything. This is my story, this is my strange but true story. The next morning my friend and I went on with the trip.

Strange but True by Estefanía

I was walking along the street, when suddenly, I saw a big shadow in
of me. When I turned around, I was able to see two men. They caught me, and
me to a strange house. I was afraid of them, I didn´t know what to do.
tried escaping, but they caught me again. So, they shot me, and I fell
the floor.They went to another place because they thought I was dead,
but I
wasn´t. So, afterwards, I got up from the floor, and I started to walk,
the two men appeared again. Then, I started to run very fast, and I
found a
gun, so, I thought it a lot but I did it: I killed them.

Strange but True by Paula

I have never felt so afraid in my life. It was a horrible experience inside my bedroom.

I went to bed about 11:30 PM last Sunday. I remember that I had to wait for a long time in order to fall asleep. However, in the middle of the night, when I was sleeping, something strange woke me up.

I saw the figure of an old woman holding a big white hat. She was next to my bed just staring at me. I don´t know what happened with me from that moment on.

I woke up early the following day. I thought what had happened that night had been just a dream, but later, when I was tidying my bedroom, I found the white hat under my bed. It was incredible but It was really true.

Strang but True by M. Florencia

When I was a child, I had a sweet ghost called Loony. The first time I saw him, it was when the window of my roon was open, so he entered by there.
At that moment, I feared him and I thought it was a dream but then, he began to talk to me. It was so real that it wasn´t a dream.

Loony came into my room all nights and so soon we were the best friends.

I always was a regular pupil at school, but since Loony began to help me with my homework, I became one of the best pupils in class. It was a secret between Loony and me.

In this way, we grew together and now we are friends for ever.

Strange but True by Agustín

My family and I felt so lucky when we won a spectacular travel around San Luis.

At first, it was wonderful. We traveled around all the province in ten days. But on the ninth day, we made an excursion to the mountain range and something very strange occured.
We were walking in the mountain range when I stopped to drink some water. When I was there, I saw a shade but I thought that it was one my parents. Suddenly, the shade disappeared. I continued alone, but I didn't find my family. Later, the shade appeared, I walked very fast and I didn't find anything. After that, I ran for one hour and a half and when I was very tired I found my family on the bus because my sister was ill.
I told my family what had happened to me and they didn't believe anything.

Strange but True by Priscila

Katilyn and I went to the museum yesterday.
The museum was huge. There were a lot of antiques.
When we arrived at the park where the mummies are, we heard strange
noises, but we kept walking.
A few minutes later, we heard the noises again and I started to feel
When back at the Tutankamon`s tumb, we saw that the tumb was open and
the mummy wasn`t there...
We started running trying to escape, but all the doors were closed...
Suddenly a bright light shone and the mummy appeared so Katilyn fainted
and the mummy wanted to escape with her but I stopped this.
When everything ended Katilyn thanked me and then we went back home.



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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Strange but True by Tamara

Last holiday, a group of friends went to a birthday party of one of them.
At first it was fanny. However, when all the lights went out and all was in shadows and in silence, they heard a scream from a woman on the second floor. They were afraid, so they started to shout for help.
Suddenly, the lights came back and the house owner arrived and told the boys that the screams were from the ghost of a girl that had been killed by her husband in that house in 1.800, and that now he heard that all nights.
At last, all the friends were quiet and they went on with the party.

The End

Strange but True by Sabrina

Sofia and a friend were playing in the bedroom while their parents were in the garden. It was a summmer hot day and all the house was dark.

At first, everything was ok. The two girls played with their toys, entered and left the house. In the evening something strange happenned.

The two girls were in the garden with their parents. Then, the girls entered to the good which was dark and went to the bedroom. Suddenly, a little girl with old face and red eyes appeared in the room.

The scared girls ran to the garden and told their parents what the had seen. Sofia's father entered the house and he felt a freezing cold in all his body but he didn't see that little girl. Finally, the girls's parents what had happened to many people but nobady could say what really happened that day.

Strange but True by Jaqueline

My friends and I went out on holiday to a friend's house near the sea.
At first we were having a good time. However, a week later we saw someone drowning in the sea. We told a person that was in front of us about it, and he didn't see anything and he thought that we were a bit crazy or that we were joking.
A day after, we went to the sea again. We were swimming when suddenly the man in the sea appeared again. He was fighting with the waves. We swam to him but when we arrived, the man wasn't there.
Then, we went back home and my friend's mother explained to us that we had seen the ghost of a man who had died in a shipwreck.

Strange but True by Martín

Mark and me felt so lucky when Mark won a great and fabulous cruise
around Egypt.
At first it was excellent. However, in the night of the fifth day, we
visited a very strange pyramid.
When we opened the door of the pyramid, I was afraid, we saw a big old
statue with Cleopatra's face.
In that pyramid, we saw the door close. The pyramid was absolutely dark.
After that, we saw a shining light and the statue walking around the pyramid.
We watched until she went away.
Then, my friend and me went back to the hotel. We were afraid.
Our parents have never believed us.

Strange but True by Gonzalo

Max and I felt so sad when our grandmother died, so we had to visit our
family in the state of Florida.
We had to travel 1000 miles to visit them. At first, everything was
OK.At night, the road was so alone and dark. Some hours later, we realised
that someone was behind the letter mile. This person had been signs all the
night-said Max. We stopped the car and suddenly a light shone off our
heads.T hen, a force rose us.
We awoke the next day in the middle of nowhere. Max and I had some scars
in our hands. We didn´t explain anything. A man told us that we were in
Tampa, Florida.
Then, we travelled some miles and arrived at our destination.
Eventually,our family explained to us that we had seen an alien in the road
and an UFO(Unknown Flying Object) had taken us.We had been paralized all
that day.

Strange but True by Sebastián

Mark and Tom went to a party last summer in one of their friend's house.
Later in the party they met a guy called Scott.He looked like a very cool dude, but he was a little bit strange.
Tom and Mark were having fun, but in a moment they lost Scott. At first they thought that he had gone to the bathroom, but he never appeared.
Then one of the guys that was in the party said that the ghost of a young man called Scott lived in the house since he had died in 1976. Mark and Tom couldn't believe it and they got shocked.

Strange but True by Nicolás

In 1999 when I was ten, I went, with a friend, to a house that his family had bought in Buenos Aires City.
At first it was wonderful but that night everything would change. At half past ten at night we heard steps near the room where we were sleeping. Then, my friend and I went out of the room but we couldn' t see anybody. We went back to the room and after a few minutes, the room door opened but nobody entered.
My friend and I were very scared and all the night we heard strange noises.
In the morning, we left the house and I never went back.